Saturday, January 4, 2014

We have a new family member

On December 14th we added a new addition to our family. Meet Samy, he is a yellow Lab that we adopted from the local animal shelter for Sophie. She had been begging for a puppy for several years and things just fell into place for it to happen this year. We were planning on another Golden, but when I saw these three little Lab pups on the animal shelter's web page, well I just had to take one.
Unfortunately, less than a week later he developed Parvo and was very sick little guy for about a week. At one point I was not so sure he would make it. We had him on IV fluids and fed him pedialyte and broth for several days. Then he finally rallied.And is now a completely healthy pup.

He is settled in nicely and he and Katy, our golden, have become a sort of friends. Katy plays with him much of the time, and tolerates him the rest of the time. They will eventually become the best of friends. I hope.


Suzanne said...

Oh just look at that face!

Yarrow said...

Its nice to see someone is still reading my blog. Thanks Suzanne.

gabrielle said...

she's freakin adorable !! and please BLOG MORE!!!