Saturday, April 13, 2013

No More Diet Coke

Well, I finally did it. I cut the Diet Coke out of my life. I have wanted to do so for a long time now, because of the health issues associated with it. But after reading an article about aspartame poisoning, I had the kick in the pants to really do it. This is day 4 with no coke and I feel great. No caffeine headaches, thanks to a cup of chai tea each morn. No cravings for coke or for carbohydrates. Wonder of wonders. :) Here are two articles that really changed my thinking. One health related the other environmental/human rights. 

So, wish me luck and think hard about your own soda drinking. But remember, aspartame is found in many, many your labels.


Suzanne said...

Great job!

Mare Martell said...

I know how much you loved to have a Diet Coke. I changed to coffee and water after seeing those same articles. It scares me how much I depended on those chemicals. Unfortunately, being diabetic, I have to really watch a lot of my labels because of the artificial stuff. It makes me wonder just how much of what I eat dramatically changes my metabolism