Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Country Bohemian Home

Well we finally got out of the city. We found a rental property with a lot of acreage and cows and wild turkeys are included in our view out the windows. We are loving it so far. At night we can see the stars, so many stars. I had forgotten how many there were. There are no sounds of traffic or sirens or even dogs. It is my idea of heaven really. And most exciting of all, I finally have a flock of chickens. Well, chicks right now. Four little White Leghorns and two Barred Rocks. The place cam with a chicken coop that just needed a few repairs and updates. Sorry for the photo heavy post, but I wanted to share my joy.
 The creek

 View from the kitchen windows
 Turkeys in the morning
 Cows and green everywhere
Spring fed brook
 Living room stone fireplace

Other side of living room
 Chicks!! They are growing fast.
The dogs love their new found freedom.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The kids and the dogs all had a happy holiday this year. We felt blessed and loved.

Winter Solsitce

This year Winter Solstice was once again spent in the company of my EMBERS group members at the UU church putting on a beautiful winter solstice service. Here is my long time friend, Dawn and I greeting people as they come in for the service.

RIP Goober

On Tuesday we had to say goodbye to our long time friend Goober cat. He was 18 years old and after fighting cancer for a couple of years It became very aggressive.  David chose to let the vet end his old pal's suffering humanely.  On Christmas eve we took him back to his old neighborhood and buried him in the woods where he was born next to our sweet Sabrina's resting spot. He will ne greatly missed in our lives.  He was the best cat.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

VW tattoo

How much do I love this little car?  Enough to get a likeness of her tattooed on my arm!  Yes.  I did put it on there permanently. Just looking at it makes me happy just like looking at my little big does.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My very own Beetle

Omg. I'm so excited to introduce you to Gloria. My 1974 Super Beetle. Finally after so many years of searching for just the right one.  I find her for sale right here in my own turn.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Tattoo

My Bob Marley tribute tattoo. I have loved Bob Marley's philosophy and music for many years. I feel that the human race is one with all of creation, one love, one heart. Peace.

Friday, July 11, 2014

I just realized that I never posted about my latest tattoo. It's the woodland faery with the cobweb wings that I have wanted for 10 years! I am loving it. Its about 3 months old now. New in the photo. And it already feels like me. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

 So, I am taking up a new hobby, exercise, fun time. What ever you want to call it. I got a bike. In fact it was gifted to me by a lovely friend who used it for 3 years as her only transportation. I am blessed not to have to do that, but I do plan to use it to get around town to places like the farmers market, the library, the bookstore and others. I am so excited to get going on this. I only need a helmet and a basket now. I want to be able to carry anything I 'd  like. And eventually I will get a cargo bike for even more possibilities. Stay tuned.. Peace~Yarrow

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Becoming a Drummer

I have always been a dancer. As a child I danced to any and everything, any time and any where much to my parents chagrin. As an adult I danced with my husband every chance we got, and as a mother, I danced with my children on my hip and then holding their hands. Finally at 30 I took belly dance lessons and loved it. The djembe drums were always what I loved dancing to the most. I danced at festivals around huge bonfires and the live drumming was what kept me coming back, they fascinated me.

At one festival, when Sophie was only two. She began mimicking a drummer on a small djembe. She was so good at it that I bought her a tiny one of her own. I loved it myself, but the size was not easily played by an adult. Friends I knew had and played djembes and I longed for one of my own.

Finally, I have one. Found at a pawn shop of all places. I have no idea why someone decided they needed to a pawn this beautiful instrument. But I am glad that they did. I cleansed it with sage and now it is mine.
My church has an informal drum circle that meets every other Saturday and I recently attended my first one. It just happened to be the one where the musical director sat in and decided that he wanted us to play with the choir and band the next day. Play in front of an entire church congregation!!!! Me!!!  Well, since I have long ago decided to stop saying no to things that I later regret, I did it. I showed up the next morning early to practice and we played along to four songs and a full choir. It was so much fun and I felt great afterward.

It is a strange feeling identifying myself as a drummer, a musician. I have always felt un-musical, so to speak, never really learning an instrument completely. Always dancing to the music. Now I am the one making the music. It is a really nice feeling.

Peace, Yarrow

Monday, April 21, 2014

Sam sure has grown. He will be 6 months old next week. He weighs around 45 lbs. And is learning more and more how to be a good dog every day. He brings a lot of joy and fun to our house. Katy is reinvigorated because of him. They love each other and get along well.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

We have a new family member

On December 14th we added a new addition to our family. Meet Samy, he is a yellow Lab that we adopted from the local animal shelter for Sophie. She had been begging for a puppy for several years and things just fell into place for it to happen this year. We were planning on another Golden, but when I saw these three little Lab pups on the animal shelter's web page, well I just had to take one.
Unfortunately, less than a week later he developed Parvo and was very sick little guy for about a week. At one point I was not so sure he would make it. We had him on IV fluids and fed him pedialyte and broth for several days. Then he finally rallied.And is now a completely healthy pup.

He is settled in nicely and he and Katy, our golden, have become a sort of friends. Katy plays with him much of the time, and tolerates him the rest of the time. They will eventually become the best of friends. I hope.